Mt. Shasta Womens Retreat

Amplify and Elevate

Mt. Shasta - Transformational Women’s Retreat

• In this 4-day retreat, we will be amplifying and elevating every aspect of your life for total transformation. At the beginning of your nature sabbatical, you will be greeted with a guided group chakra walk to connect with the healing power centers on our land.

• You will receive journals and a nature-inspired card oracle deck to help clarify your intentions and capture the synchronicities that come your way by being fully connected with Mind, Body and Spirit.

• Settle into your sweet home and resting space for the 4 days and 3 nights.

• Imagine yourself immersed in nature just resting, daydreaming and stargazing for a long weekend. Give yourself permission to shift from “doing” to “being”. Allow your intuitive spirit to guide you back home to yourself as the Guardians Monica and Tisha bring you through connection activities to Amplify and Elevate your life.

• Unplug and connect with women who are looking for tribe and community in California at Mt. Shasta, “the Root Chakra of the world,” with the sounds of nature at the forefront, this retreat offers an exciting opportunity to level up.

• Spaces for 13 women total – Shared sleeping spaces everyone will have there own bed.


• Pre-coaching zoom call to clarify your wellness goals and intentions which will be data driven to track results of transformation.

• Comfortable private lodging in beautiful Yurts, you will have your own bed but shared Yurts.

• Special Amplify and Elevate Swag Bags

• Self-guided journaling tools to keep track of your experience and insights along the way.

• Access to private meditation and stargazing spots including a sacred flowing creek with a cold plunge.

• Guided chakra walk to connect with the healing power spots on the land.

• Releasing Rage Ceremony to express and let go of what no loner serves you.

• Farm to table meals – where we are able to meet your dietary needs.

• Assignment of an Accountability Buddy for 60 days after the retreat.

• 4 post zoom integration calls to connect with our Tribe and Community.

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