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The remedy is within

Hi! I'm

Tisha Marie Cain

You have come here for the right reasons. I can be your life Coach, Practitioner, and Mindset Coach. I am here to be an advocate for you and help you begin the healing process.

Tisha Cain is a Master Intuitive, Certified Master Neuro- Linguistic Programming Coach, Master Hypnotherapist who believes that life is about realizing one’s dreams now, in each present moment in time. 

For many years Tishas life was filled with domestic abuse, poverty, fear and stress at home. She fought for years to free herself from this sad life by listening to world around her verses listening to her own inner voice. For years, she sought justice, peace and freedom from the systems meant to protect, and all she found was more abuse,  gaslighting and entrapment. One day she woke up, and found that the remedy to every problem in her life had been with her the whole time. 

Legally Kidnapped

• We do NOT CO-PARENT with the Government.
• The Anti-Family Court Injustice System has been harvesting children for decades.
• 7 years in Anti-Family Court and 282 court dates = The only winning move – Simply do not play.

Becoming Conscious

Becoming consciously aware of what has purposely been hidden from you, only empowers you to take positive action for yourself

You Can Heal Yourself

Let me show you how! I went from 11 prescriptions a day, diagnosis of C-PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, not eating to not sleeping to being very careful not to take a single medication for a headache these days. I sleep like a baby and I feel great.. I did this on my own. Something big Pharm doesn’t want you to know about.

Inspiration, Empowerment, & Communication

Areas of


• QHHT – Pass Life Regression
• 6 weeks – Burnout to Breakthrough
• Money Mindset
• Peak Performance Session
• Pain Control
• Anxiety Management – Light Hypnosis
• Panic Attacks & Anxiety Release
• Stop Smoking Today – Hypnosis Session
• Weight Release -Hypnosis Session

and more…


Let the community hold you while you embark on radical inner forgiveness. Don’t miss out on this years Radical Forgiveness Ceremony. Click below for more info!

Modesto's First Sister Circle

A Sister Circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, and be seen & heard. Join us for the LAST FRIDAYS spent in circle.

Intentionally filling our cups, ready to overflow into the next week. Full of Love, Peace & Light. Sister Circle activities include: Dancing, Drumming, Guided Meditation, Energy Balancing, Releasing emotions change work, and sharing stories with the main goal being connection. My intention is to create a community that strives for and thrives on, connection between women. Creating a space to nurture our sisters, as we rise together, on our own journeys to a true and beautiful powerful life.

Ways We Can

Work Together

1:1 Coaching with
Tisha Marie Cain

- 1*60 minutes

Seed of Confidence

Regaining Your Glow

- Six Weekly Sessions

1:1 Coaching with
Tisha Marie Cain

- 1*60 minutes - $333.00

You will walk away from this session with new insights on ways to transform your life. You will be tasked with homework, and other habit stalking techniques to start moving your life toward your passion and what your best life looks like. 

Seed of Confidence

Regaining Your Glow

- Six Weekly Sessions - $3333.00

1-on-1 coaching program allows for a deep dive into every aspect of where you come from, so we can determine where you want to go.

We will create a safe space to uncover your true self and get to the core of things that keep showing up in your life that have limited you from achieving your goals.

Be prepared to get REAL and HONEST with yourself.

This is a life transformation for those who are truly ready to step into their full expression and unapologetically authenticity be themselves.

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