Ever since I committed to doing a money mindset shift session with Tisha, the Universe started showing me signs of abundance coming my way, and then after my session with her, an overflow of gifts in all kinds of shapes and sizes started coming my way!

I recently just moved into a new state, with y 3 children, and I was telling my friend that my intention is to take things slow these next couple of months, setup our new home in a  way that we all feel peaceful, creative, and comfortable, and then I’ll go from there and follow what God is showing me to do next.

Today, one day after I said that, I went on my bank app, and noticed that my credit card limit has increased to almost double what I had! AND!! Exactly the amount I would need for two months!

The friend I mentioned, traveled with us to our new home, and she’s been helping me with my kids, just like a mom/grandma = more space, peace, and relaxing time for me.

The universe has been instantly sending me support from should family, strangers opening doors for me exactly every time my hands are full, I’ve been getting unexpected gifts, free food at restaurants, for random reasons, and the list goes on and on.

You better do yourself a favor and hop on Tisha’s Money Mindset Shifts session! It’ll transform your life and you’l become an abundance magnet!

Thank you so much, Tisha!!

- White Phoenix

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